About us

You have reached the specialized workwear factory located in Faisalabad-Pakistan, established since 1990. Our factory spans over 11,255 sqm and is purposefully built with industrial architecture that meets high-end environmental and social standards. Over the years, we have produced for some of Europe's leading workwear brands, serving a wide variety of industries. The success has led to the establishment of our office in Denmark allowing us to be closer to our customers.

We are a group of passion-driven individuals with a love for creating quality products. Since our establishment, we have acquired the best manufacturing resources, including top-of-the-line machinery and infrastructure. Where possible, we adopt automation-based sewing to ensure consistent and accurate results. Our production operates on a chain system with trained function-specific operators, making the process exceptionally efficient. Moreover, our employees receive top-tier salaries instead of contractual arrangements, thereby not only cultivating a decent social environment but also encouraging neat workmanship.

We are customized manufacturer so if you're looking for a bespoke design and have specific materials and specifications in mind, we are not limited in our capabilities. We can even do customized fabrics as well as use branded fabrics like Coolmax, Cordura, Tencel, etc. All applicable certifications are well taken care of by us along with the product delivery.